Granite Floor

Why Granite is the best choice

Buying Granite for your home or commercial project is an incredible decision. Granite can be used for various purposes, You can use it on the floor, on the wall, at the pool and also on the kitchen top. Granite is basically an igneous rock formed inside the earth by the mixture of quartz, feldspar and mica, which give it strength, colours and glossy finish.
The best 4 reasons to use granite for your projects are:

  1. Elegant look

    The Elegance of Granite is unmatched. Granites are beautiful and are available in a large number of shades and textures which gives you a wide range to choose your best match granite stone for your your interior and exterior application. The granite slabs and tiles are available in a wavy pattern, linear pattern, circular pattern, random or uniform flow of grains.

  2. Available in Various finishes

    The Granite is available in different surface finishes. Polished, Hammered, Etched, Natural, Sandblasted, shot blasted, leather finish and Antique finish. The granite is available in different shapes, size and thickness and can also be customised to suit your project specific requirement. Whatever sort of Granite shape, size, colour or finish you desire, it surely will add extra value to your property.

  3. Timeless Beauty

    Granite an igneous rock, is formed by the slowly cooling and solidification of molten magma inside the earth. This unique natural phenomenon of granite making makes it very hard and absolutely timeless. You can find centuries old monuments made up of Granite. The temples of Southern India are one of the most adorable projects of Ancient Indian architecture, wherein granite has been used evidently. In Modern day architecture, Granite finds its application everywhere, it is mostly used for flooring, paving, wall cladding, making countertops and many more architectural and decorative elements.

  4. Low Maintenance Cost

    Granites are normally impervious to dampness, scratching and warmth. This extraordinary stone can remain unaltered for a quite long time. The high content of quartz, feldspar, silica and alkali metal oxides in granite make it very durable and heat resistant.
Indian and Imprted Granites Navakar Granittes

Which Is Better Granite Or Vitrified Tiles

The significance of picking the correct development materials for deck and counter surfaces reduces to something beyond looks. In the course of the most recent couple of years, cover materials have been intensely showcased to property holders because of their advanced designing, lower cost, and simplicity of establishment, yet earthenware and rock are two materials that have demonstrated to hold their pertinence and predominance over overlay tiles. For most property holders, stone will bode well than fired for their ledges and floors, and here are five reasons rock will frequently rise as the better decision.

  1. The All-Natural Look

Somewhat, both earthenware and rock can be considered to originate from common sources. Nonetheless, there is undeniably all the more designing of engineered substances associated with the assembling of current earthenware tiles. The creation of clay tile is like designed stone as in characteristic materials are still aspect of the cycle. In any case, inside decorators will reveal to you the most common look will consistently be rock extricated from quarries and cut into pieces or tiles.

  1. Chronicled Appeal

The engineers and manufacturers of antiquated structures, for example, the Egyptian pyramids favored the look and solidness of common stone. The main utilization of clay tiles as a development material occurred a huge number of years after the pyramids, yet the soonest stone tiles have been found in Tunisian mosques going back to the ninth century.

  1. Sturdiness

The atomic thickness of rock makes it one of the hardest normal stones being used today. Albeit artistic can be formed to make impenetrable surfaces, this particular use isn’t commonplace in the private development industry. Property holders who need their floors and ledges to last ought to pick stone.

  1. Basic Maintenance

Simplicity of support has been a significant selling purpose of coated earthenware tiles. In any case, the equivalent can be said about stone nowadays. The porosity of transformative stones, for example, rock used to be a worry for property holders, yet the truth of present day stone chunks and tiles is that they can be done and covered with a solid seal that is anything but difficult to clean and can likewise be as often as possible resealed with a stone-safe splash and-wipe rock sealer. As such, property holders can securely pick rock realizing they will have the option to keep up it themselves without employing experts to clean and reseal their floors and counters.

  1. High Home Value

Stone has been an inside beautification pattern for almost thirty years. Home buyers are known to effectively search for properties that highlight stone establishments, especially kitchen counters. However long this private development pattern proceeds, homes with rock surfaces will flaunt higher qualities than those that highlight artistic tiles.